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Stabswechsel von den Älteren an die Jüngern in der Kirche

Der Jüngere P. Gerald Tanye SVD war mein Festprediger 2009 zum 40 Jährigen Priester Jubiläum, daheim in Schwelm.

Er war es auch beimTag aller Jubilare 2014 in St. Wendel, meinem jetzigen Alters sitz



 Hand-over from the Elder to the younger in our Church

 The younger one Fr. Gerald Tanye SVD was my fest day Preacher in my Home Parish St. Mary#s Chruch in Schwelm 2009, on the 40th Anniversary 13th Dec. of my priestly Ordination. My father hadj ust passed way

Gerald was also our Feastday Preacher 2014, on Jubilarans Day at St. Wendels SVD Seniors Home


Der Jüngere Pfr. Stephen Duodu übernimmt nach meinem Schlaganfall von 2010, meine Englischsprachige Afrikaner-Gemeinde in Saarbrücken im März 2011.

Ich Vertrete ihn, wenn er mich braucht.




The young one Doicesan Priest, Fr. Stephen Duodu takes over from me in 2011, at St. Josef, Saarbruecken, after my Stroke in 2010

hand over picture












To counteract the negative effects of the collective egoism of Globalisation of Transnational Companies and States, we have nothing, but our own global forces of prayer and love of neighbour and our worldwide solidarity.

The giftedness of the individual and his/her vocation are for us more important than the nationality of our Confreres and Co-Sisters. However the many different nationalities and cultures, from which we hail, constitute our potentials and human richness.

We take the Young Churches and States, in which we live out our apostolates, very seriously. We wish them to be subjects of their destiny, not objects of the planning forces of Europe or the USA. Those who were still our Mass Servers 30 years ago, are today leaders, professionals, Parishpriests, even Superiors and Bishops. We cooperate with them with respect in the love of Christ.

That also pertains to our laity. Each human talent and potential hails from God. That´s what we recognise and assist to develop. To achieve this, we exchange our views, meet and visit one another. We unite and our minds and hearts in planning and action, especially in formation, ongoing formation, enabling and partnership, mixed with humour, and always in the love of Christ. 

As SVD Missionaries we cooperate closely  with our SSPs- Sisters, both founded by Saint Arnold Janssen. My Cooperation consisted mainly in our Apostlate of JPIC (Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation) In addition I belong to the Founders of Netzwerk Africa Deutschland (NAD http://www.fize.de/gaeste.schonecke_wolfgang.htm. I cooperate with Africa-Europe Faith and Justice www.weltsozialforum.org/2015/index.html  , also with world Social Forum,

My term of office ended when I started the 2008. The inner/Spiritual connection remain, also with Pax Christi. Instition and Pax, Missio Misereor, Autobahn and Radwege-Kirchen St. Paul wittlich and so on.

Inernation Cooperation has to be practised by all European Countries, how to receive all the Refugees and Asylum seekers coming from Libya, Morroco, Turkey.

How do we teach them German and dvelope their talents recognise their diplomas and teach them professions, we need and they want for their future?











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